• Building sustainable solutions for Africa’s most pressing social challenges.

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    The Believers Avenue

    Building a Center to help humanity fight deception by shaping beliefs about God, about themselves, and about others at The Believers Avenue. TBA’s mission is to raise a people committed to knowing what is The Truth, believing and testifying of The Truth in boldness, and living by The Truth.






    Lift Women Ghana

    Creating a vibrant community of women committed to uplifting one another, and to being good agents of socialization in their homes and change agents in all spheres of life at LIFT Women Ghana. Lift Women Ghana organizes GirlTalk Discussions, Conferences, Camps, Summits, Trainings, and Community projects to uplift women and children from the many challenges they face in society.


    My Growth Club, MoveMany

    Building an agency to help unlock potentials by empowering people to see what’s possible, understand how their decisions can aid their growth and progress, and guide them in every step to reach that potential and live effectively at My Growth Club. We bridge the gap between theory and practice, leveraging research, insights, and proven theories to create transformative tools and programs that empower individuals to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

    Building a transport solution in West Africa to inspire a future of less driving, more productivity, and better environment through MoveMany.



“Driven by a life philosophy that life is an undeserved opportunity for continuous learning and evolution, be loved and to love, and to live one’s purpose, I dedicate my life to shaping beliefs, nurturing leaders, strengthening families, and creating value. I also aim to assist others in doing the same by building impactful organizations that generate lasting value for the world.”

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